Welcome to Median Healthcare Services

Median Mar was designed and developed in Ireland by our own company after consultation with Director’s of Nursing, Nursing Staff, and Carers.

Median Mar uses Bar code technology to ensure that the 5 rights of administration are accurate at all times:

  • Right Drug
  • Right Person
  • Right Time
  • Right Route
  • Right Dose

Median Mar uses wireless tablet PC’s & touch screen technology.

Median Mar captures:

  • Medications given with time and date captured
  • Medication refused, and why?
  • Analysis of all PRN drug administrations, including use and frequency of administration
  • Record of any re occurring incidents
  • A print-out of the entire drug round

Median Mar is simple to use and all screens and instructions are easy to follow.

Median Mar increases accuracy of drug administration by linking back to the drug Kardex at all stages.

Median Mar:

  • Scans the bar code on the cardex
  • Confirms residents name and photograph
  • Highlights Allergies & Diet
  • Confirms Room/Bed number
  • Provides drug identification and information on drug use

Median Mar reduces errors.

Median Mar is portable and can be used on every drug round and in all areas of the home.