Welcome to Median Healthcare Services

Median is our own unique software package designed with, and by, Directors of Nursing, Nurses, Care Staff, GP’s and Pharmacists to facilitate the medication management process between the Nursing Home or Care Centre, the GP’s surgery and The Pharmacy

  • Median is a fully secure system that resides in the Cloud and operates in real-time.
  • Median provides for the accurate maintenance of patient details and medication records & history.
  • Median Produces up-to-date Cardex records and MAR charts.
  • Median offers a fully functioning medication Administration record on a remote ipad device: Median Mar.n
  • Median provides automatic 3 month “Patient Review” reminder system alerts.
  • Median can completely eliminate transcription.
  • Median produces Medication Review Reports.
  • Median incorporated TICTAC net for drug identification and recognition.
  • Median offers a full suite of Therapeutic class reports available to you on your own lap-top.
  • Median is tried & tested and is currently in use in numerous Nursing Homes & Care Centres.